Arigatou – Thank-you.
Arigatou Gozaimashita – Thank you very much.
Barai – Sweep.
Bunkai – Analysis.
Chuudan – Mid-section.
Dan – Step.
Do – Way/path.
Do-gi – Training uniform.
Dojo – Literally, “Place of the way.”┬áThe place where karate is practiced.
Gedan – Lower section.
Gyaku – Reverse.
Hai – Yes.
Hajime – Begin.
Hansei – The command given at the closing mediation after the training session in some dojo, which means to recollect something that you have learned that lesson.
Hidari – Left.
Hikite – Pulling hand.
Ikken-Hissatsu – One deadly strike.
Joudan – Upper level.
Kamiza – Front of the dojo.
Karate – Empty hand.
Karate-do – The way of the empty hand.
Karate-ka – A practitioner of karate.
Kata – A prescribed sequence of techniques against imaginary opponents.
Kiai – A shout.
Kihon – Something which is fundamental. Basic techniques.
Kime – Decision. Often described as focus of power, decisive focus.
Kiotsuke – Attention.
Kyu – Class. Any rank below shodan (first degree black belt).
Maai – Distance.
Mawatte – Turn around.
Migi – Right.
Mokuso – The command given at the meditation before the training session, which means clear your mind in preparation to receive instruction.
Obi – Belt.
Ossu – A greeting.
Rei – Bow.
Reigi – Etiquette, manners.
Saho – Manners, etiquette.
Seiza – Kneel.
Senpai – One’s senior.
Sensei – Teacher.
Shodan – First step, first degree black belt.
Shomen – Front, front of the dojo
Shugo – Gather, assemble.
Tai Sabaki – Body movement/shifting/evasion.
Waza – Technique(s), skill.
Yame – Stop.
Yasumi – Rest.
Yoi – Preparation.